You can now order EAGLE PCB design software directly from our Off-the-Shelf service Eurocircuits have become an EAGLE Value Added Reseller. This is another step towards our goal of a fully integrated solution from design to assembled product. Whether you are a prototype designer or small batch manufacturer, integration is the key to a faster product development cycle with less risk of errors and lower costs.


Downstream we have already integrated our PCB and stencil products with reflow soldering. Customers report that using our bench-top stencil printer with the eC-registration system to align board and stencil fully automatically can cut assembly time by up to 75%. Our bench-top reflow oven completes the process.


Now we have integrated design more closely with PCB manufacture. We have been working with CadSoft and EAGLE software for more than two years. You can already upload EAGLE data files directly into our system without the need for conversion. We have already prepared EAGLE design rule check templates (DRU files) so that the CAD software automatically checks your design against the parameters of our pooling services giving you the most cost-effective layout. Now we have gone one step further. In EAGLE V6 there is a “PCB quote” button that automatically enters the job parameters into our price calculator. Now you can get a price or place an order with no more data to enter than the number of boards you want and how quickly you want them.

By becoming an EAGLE Value Added Reseller we give the electronics design community the added convenience of buying EAGLE software licenses without the need to set up new accounts and additional payment procedures.


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