14th Annual D&E Event – Evoluon Eindhoven, The Netherlands – May 24, 2012

This year’s free Design Automation & Embedded Systems Event had a record number of exhibitors though the number of visitors overall was down on previous years. However the Eurocircuits stand was busy throughout the day as we gave our customers their first view of our new visualizer software tool and demonstrated our bench-top reflow soldering equipment, eC-stencil-mate and eC-reflow-mate.

This year’s theme was product development.  The event focused on new hardware, software and testing technologies which can ensure a smoother and faster development process.

Visitors had a choice of 17 technical presentations given by the exhibitors who also provided a mini exhibition displaying their latest products and services aimed at embedded systems developers.

The event has its own permanent website at http://de.fhi.nl/event/programma.  Log in to find all the exhibitors‘ technical presentations.

The website is mostly in Dutch but some presentations, like ours, are in English. Our presentation details the visual feedback which we provide on your PCB design from data entry to finished board.

Following this event Eurocircuits organized a webinar on 20 June 2012 at 11h00 CET. The webinar is posted online for those who missed the live session. The webinar answers the question “what do board fabricators do with your data before they make your PCBs?” As well as answering this question, it provides tips on designing for improved manufacturability and on clear data presentation.

D&E event 2012 – 24th of May – Evoluon – NL

Eurocircuits has been an active participant and supporter of the D&E event organized by the FHI since 2003.

D&E Event


2012 will be no exception; we will be there. We will give a presentation “Visual feedback on your PCB design from data entry to finished PCB”. The presentation will take place at 11H15 on Thursday 24 May.  You can find an overview of the complete presentation program here.

Registering for the event is free and can be done here.

Following the D&E event, Eurocircuits will give a webinar on PCB data preparation, what happens to your data when it arrives at Eurocircuits. We will take you step by step through our internal data preparation flow.  The webinar will focus on the influence of design on the quality and manufacturability of the PCB.  It will include tips on how you can design for a more robust and lower cost finished PCB.

This webinar will take place on 20 June at 11H00. Subscribe through this link.

We would like to welcome you on 24 May in the Evoluon and on 20 June from behind your PC.

See you there.

The Eurocircuits team

National Electronics Week a success.

National Electronics Week 2012 took place at the NEC in Birmingham on 18 – 19 April.  OK, it’s not really a week, but the organisers took over the name five or six years ago from a show almost lost in the mists of time.

Demand for prototype and small batch PCBs is strong.  A lot of people came onto the stand asking specifically how we could offer them a better prototype and small batch service. We explained our pooling services and demonstrated how to get prices off the website.  The response to the website and to the prices was very positive and we received our first order from a new customer two days after the end of the show.

We met a number of customers as well, always a pleasure.  Several had come specially to see the beta version of the new PCB Visualizer software which had its first public viewing at the show.  The new software will allow you to see your board layers as soon as the job is uploaded, so that you can check right away that everything looks OK.  PCB Visualizer will be rolled out over the next few weeks and more functionality will be added during the rest of the year to make handling data issues clearer and quicker.


Uwe Doerr in action-Bobs box

 On a lighter note our stand was a few metres from the “Bobs Box AKA the Cyclone Game Cube” as-seen-on-TV challenge.  Competitors stand in a transparent box and try to catch as many red balls as they can out of a shower of balls of many colours being blasted up from the floor.  Google it for YouTube videos.  This proved a big crowd-puller, especially when one or two short-skirted stand hostesses were trying.  No pictures of them, I’m afraid, but you can


More PCB added value on Stand 131 at National Electronics Week 2012 18 – 19 April, NEC Hall 2, Birmingham

pcb visualizer

PCB Visualizer will preview at the show

  • PCB Visualizer is Eurocircuits” latest added-value PCB service. Upload your data for an order or just a quotation. In seconds the new software will display every layer of your PCB just as it will be produced.
  • Instantly check each layer to make sure that it is what you need. Check that all the data is present and that the stack-up is correct. No need for a Gerber viewer. PCB Visualizer confirms your CAD output in realistic colours with full pan and zoom functionality.
  • Of course, our engineers check your board data 100% before we put an order into production or give you a confirmed quote. But if a quick glance shows you something that needs changing, you can correct it and upload new data and minimise lost time.
  • The first version of PCB Visualizer will be live online shortly. There will be new functionality added over the next few months to make buying boards from Eurocircuits even easier and even faster..

What else is new for 2012.

  • Faster PCB pricing and ordering for the first-time user. Get immediate prices online for all our pooling services without registering as a user – and store your prices in a basket for later ordering. Or order at once – your order goes straight into production with no administration delay.
  • New Design For Manufacturability (DFM) tool. An even copper density ensures optimum plating quality. Our new plating simulation tool can help you to achieve this. Use our “Place Inquiry” option and our engineers will produce a full manufacturability report on your board including a copper density visualisation map. DFM analysis can cut board costs up to 20%.
  • New technical support resources. The “PCB Design Guidelines” document is downloaded more than 30,000 times a year. Now we have added moretechnical papers as well as technical blogs and videos to help you design more robust and lower cost PCBs.
  • New bench-top reflow soldering equipment. We will show the latest models of our eC-stencil-mate solder-paste printer and eC-reflow-mate reflow oven, upgraded after feedback from more than 200 users in first 9 months of sales.

What’s old on the stand?

  • Always a warm welcome from our PCB and reflow-soldering experts ready to show you all the new features and answer your questions.
  • Our well-established order pooling services keep your costs down without compromising quality or delivery. We offer the widest range of pooling options including aluminium-backed and fine-line PCBs.

See us on Stand 131 at National Electronics Week, Hall 2, NEC, Birmingham 18 – 19 April 2012.

Can”t make the show? Visit our homepage to check out the new features or contact Patrick Martin on 07834 281514 or at patrick.martin@eurocircuits.com .

Industrial engineer master class visits Eurocircuits Kft

Students in the factory

On March 29 we welcomed the students from the first master year Industrial Engineer from the HELMo ( Haute Ecole Libre Mosane de Gramme- Belgium).

The students came to visit the Eurocircuits production plant in Eger, Hungary


The initiative for the visit came from the students themselves. According to Thibaut WAUTELET,one of the students, The profile of our company really matches their interests and a presentation of our manufacturing process of printed circuits  is a very good illustration of their engineering education so far.

Thibaut Wautelet :“it is an opportunity for a group of about 15 future industrial engineers (present level of studies: Master 1) to meet a different culture and to get some experience from an international working environment. This field trip abroad is a multidisciplinary project (crossing technical and cultural aspects) which will be assessed in English at the end of the academic year by a jury.”

During the morning session the students followed a presentation about PCB Design for manufacturing and an introduction to the different steps in the PCB production process.

After a small lunch break they had the opportunity to follow a tour through the  production facility, guided by our production engineers. We were happy to see the interest of the students in our technology.

The following pictures give an impression of the day.

Students or teachers that are interested to visit our production facility in Eger, Hungary or Baesweiler (Aachen), Germany can contact us at euro@eurocircuits.com


main pcb production hall panel after galvanising galvanic line 2 galvanic line 1 galvanic line 3
checking film checking film 2 soldermask developer etching gold plating measurement
lab  brushing machine artistic impression conveyor  brushing machine 2 after drilling
mechanical department  routing interesting technology  drilling question
and answer 5 spindle routing soldermask develop  alu oxide spray


Het Instrument 2012 – AMSTERDAM RAI – September 25-28, 2012

Registration is open now

From the 25th until the 28th of September of this year we will have the pleasure of meeting you at the exhibition centre, RAI Amsterdam in Holland, Hall 1 Booth B031, for “HET Instrument 2012”.

While registering for a free entry ticket, you may also choose to register for a free gadget that you can collect on the exhibition.

compass clock

This years gadget is the “compass clock”. The gadget is designed by our customer “YMIF engineering”. The realization and sponsoring of the gadget is again a broad cooperation between FHI member companies of which Eurocircuits sponsors and produces the PCBs.

Should you wish to participate, you will first need to select: “industrial electronics”.

industrial electronics

This editions of “HET Instrument”, our branche, Industrial Electronics is organizing 3 seminars during the exhibition. Eurocircuits is participating in the seminar Design Automation & Embedded Systems. Select the seminar you wish to attend.


And last but not least, do not forget to print out your voucher to enter the exhibition.



Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show 2012 a success

southern electronics 2012
In February? In a tent? The SME show really shouldn’t work, but year after year, even through the snow, the visitors still arrive. This year there was no snow and a record attendance.

Dirk Stans, Uwe Doerr and myself were kept busy by visitors throughout. Uwe gave repeated demonstrations of the eC-stencil-mate solder-paste printer and theeC-reflow-mate reflow oven – and successfully. This was the first show ever where we sold both machines off the stand and they were on the users” premises within 3 days of the end of the show. There was plenty of active interest in our prototype and small batch pooling services. By the second day of the show we had received the first 2 day turnaround orders from a prospect we had met on day 1.

Missed us and want to know more about Eurocircuits and our products and services? Contact Patrick Martin on 07834 281514 or at patrick.martin@eurocircuits.com .

New PCB services from Eurocircuits at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2012

What’s new on the Eurocircuits stand M31 at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics this year?

1.  New lower prices.

For prototype and small batch PCBs 1 – 4 layers we have cut our base delivery from 10 days to 7 reducing prices for fast deliveries by 20 – 30%. How can we do this?  We have invested over £1,000,000 last year in new capacity.

2.  New faster pricing and ordering.

Get immediate prices online for all our pooling services without registering as a user – and store your prices in a basket for later ordering.  Or order at once – your order goes straight into production with no administration delay.

3.  New PCB proto service option for lowest prices.

Now you can order just one 2 or 4 layer PCB on deliveries from 2/3 – 7 days to get lowest possible prices – for example: 1 off PCB 100 x 80 mm in 7 WD: 2L €38.87 or 4L €78.94 – and no tooling charges.

4.  New Design For Manufacturability (DFM) tool.

An even copper density ensures optimum plating quality.  Our new plating simulation tool can help to achieve this.  Use our “Place Inquiry” option and our engineers will produce a full manufacturability report on your board including a copper density visualisation map.  DFM analysis can cut board costs up to 20%.

5.  New technical support resources.

The “PCB Design Guidelines” document on our home-page www.eurocircuits.com gets more that 60,000 hits a year.  Now we have added more technical papers as well as technical blogs and videos to help you design more robust and lower cost PCBs.

6.  New bench-top reflow soldering equipment.

We will show the latest models of our eC-stencil-mate solder-paste printer and eC-reflow-mate reflow oven, upgraded after feedback from more than 200 users in first 9 months of sales.

What’s old on the stand?

A warm welcome from our PCB and reflow-soldering experts ready to show you all the new features and answer your questions.

Can’t make the show?  Check out the new features on our website or this blog,  or contact Patrick Martin on 07834 281514 or at patrick.martin@eurocircuits.com .