When should you put up your Christmas tree?

Most people here in Belgium say you need to wait till  December 6, because that is the feast day of Saint Nicholas “Santa Claus”.

In every family it  is different. Therefore, no specific day or schedule is set for when to decorate your tree. Some people will choose to go with family tradition, others choose a random day where they have everyone together, while others decorate the tree on Christmas Eve.

This year you can start putting up your Christmas tree from December 7, as we start shipping the “Elektor” Christmas tree on St. Nicholas day. Make sure you order your tree well in advance as we will produce 100 trees only.

This years Elektor Christmas tree is available in 3 versions

 More info is available in the December issue from Elektor or on the Elektor website,or watch the video on Youtube

ec-xmas tree


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