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We have all heard of the need for respirators to help those infected with the coronavirus and there are many initiatives from companies and non-profit organisations such as universities to develop and produce such and similar equipment.

They have all responded to this challenge with professionalism and high motivation to provide reliable solutions in a very short time frame.

Eurocircuits is involved in 4 such projects and has put its best foot forward to help bring these projects to the market in the shortest possible time.

We want to thank all these people for their efforts and enthusiasm with which they have engaged in these projects and we want to give them exposure via our communication channels.

They are:


Students from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels adapted an existing respirator design from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and turned it into a device suitable to operate in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

The functionality can be viewed below:

Eurocircuits has manufactured the assembled 4 different PCB’s, enough to produce 10 working units of the machine.

Certification can take a long time and that is something we do not have. However, the public can help to give politicians and government officials the necessary push to make this happen quickly.

The students and the companies supporting them have worked lightning fast, medical doctors gave their guidance and advice.

The government and certifying agencies must now work quickly as this device can save lives. Full production still needs to start and is waiting for them to give their blessing.

Follow the team here –

VentilatorPAL Pro by Freebreathing

This initiative is a respirator for use outside the ICU and is empowered by the company Stogger BV from Panningen of The Netherlands.

The functionality can be viewed below:


Eurocircuits initially made two rush rush orders for prototypes and is now manufacturing 100 assembled PCB’s to facilitate the first production machines.

Certification is currently being handled by the Dutch company Dekra with support of Dutch government officials who are speeding up the process so these units can help treating patients.

The organisation’s progression can be followed on our website.

No-Touch thermometer of the Flemish CoronaDenkTank

No-touch thermometers are currently unavailable for purchase anywhere. Yet they are vital for hospitals and companies to check that people entering the building do not have an elevated temperature. One of the coronavirus symptoms.

The goal of this Open-Source research project was to design a device that can be built with as little as possible components to increase the scalability and decrease the overall costs. Interesting parties all over the world may use the manufacturing data to services their own needs.

Eurocircuits has supported this proof of concept by manufacturing and assembling 250 PCB’s.

Flow Robotics

The Danish company Flow Robotics manufactures robots for laboratories and now they make robots to actively help in testing for COVID-19.

They need fast manufacturing and assembly of their 4-layer PCB’s and ask Eurocircuits to help.

We delivered these boards in the fastest time possible allowing them to maximise production and deliver their equipment to the researchers and companies fighting COVID-19 on the front-line ASAP.