Eurocircuits India, new PCB production plant for the Asian-Pacific market

Eurocircuits is running production plants in Hungary an Germany. The capacity of both board-shops is sufficient for the European market and still leaves free capacity for the Eurocircuits business to grow.

Why did we step into a venture to build a brand new production facility in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India?

Eurocircuits India building
  • We believe in producing close to the market. That is why all our boards supplied to the European market are produced in Europe.
  • A market experiment with PCB Power – a copy of the Eurocircuits business for India – shows that there is a local Indian market for prototypes and small volume. We hope this will also be the case for the rest of the Asian-Pacific market.
  • Having a PCB production close to the engineering unit, PCB Planet, gives our engineers the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a real production environment. To make their experience useful for Eurocircuits, the production environment should work in the same way as the European Eurocircuits factories.
  • Last but not least, we grabbed an opportunity. A newly built PCB production plant in an export oriented zone got stuck halfway the project. The necessary approvals to start the production were already there (an important factor if you want to start producing in India). The facility was big enough to host PCB Planet, the engineering unit, as well as Eurocircuits India, our new production unit.

By the end of March the production of double sided boards will start. At this moment and during my visit end of February, trial orders were running in the production. These boards are shipped to Hungary for quality inspection.

Our Hungarian team supports and guides the local Indian management in setting up the factory and getting the quality at the right level.

Let us have a look inside our new production unit:

process lines for surface treatment and development

Film exposure

galvanic line




printing soldermask


Leadfree HAL


electrical test


mechanical department – routing

Inside, the factory looks very similar to our production plant in Hungary. But outside, India is a different world 🙂

cutting tiles for flooring the office


nature at the fence of the Eurocircuits India building
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