Eurocircuits on Electronics & Automation 2013

E&A exhibition – Jaarbeurs Utrecht – 28-30 may 2013 – booth 8E042

Also in 2013 you will find Eurocircuits at the E&A exhibition. Many visitors have already registered for a free entry ticket and for the gadget “Helios”. The last 3 editions of the show (2007-2009-2011), Eurocircuits customers visited the show and our booth in great numbers. Thanks to them we were successful in the marketing cup.


For this edition we are again counting on your support. Register now for a free entry ticket and do not forget to opt in for the gadget as quantities are limited. All customers that visit our booth with their Eurocircuits entry ticket may expect a nice give away.

Eurocircuits presents:
“Eurocircuits goes Visual” extended. After PCB Visualizer and PCB Checker we are now proud to present PCB Configurator. PCB Configurator is currently running in beta test phase. During E&A we will be able to demonstrate all of its powerful features. More info coming soon …


Eurocircuits participates:

• show gadget “Helios” – we make and sponsor all the bare boards
• traceability seminar – we explain how and why we apply full traceability at Eurocircuits
• design for excellence seminar – we elaborate on the influence of the design on the PCB quality


PCB Visualizer image from Helios gadget board

And last but not least there is of course the “live line”, the many pavilions (PLOT, DEVclub, …) and double the number of Belgian exhibitors against 2011. More later …

As a good tradition of the last years we continue our cooperation with tbp electronics: tbp takes care of their nice café booth and we make sure they serve various lovely Belgian beers. We hope that with our booths side by side we will again form the centre of the atmosphere during this years edition of E&A.


Eurocircuits booth Belgian beers

Don”t forget to register for a free ticket. See you at E&A.


No hidden tricks during the Eurocircuits PCB soldering workshops – all demonstrated materials are available in our shop

Eurocircuits is organising workshops on PCB prototype assembly and soldering.

These workshops are presented by Ben Verwaest from ARCOSS and Uwe Dörr from Eurocircuits. We refer to earlier blog articles to get an impression of what is happening during these workshops.

Ben is an expert in the field of PCB assembly. He is frequently consulted by professional assembly houses for process trouble shooting.

The materials we use during the workshop sessions are selected by Ben for their quality and performance. Together with ARCOSS, Eurocircuits now offers these products in small quantities, fitting the need of electronics engineers to assemble their prototypes.

Some examples:

Solderpaste has a short shelf life, so we pack it in small 140 gr jars, more about the advantages and specifications you can find here .



To clean your stencils and printing material, we offer eC-stencil-wipes and eC-wipes.



We trust you will appreciate the quality of these products to achieve the same professional PCB soldering result as we show during our Eurocircuits workshops.

Prototype soldering with the eC-reflow equipment- Workshop in Augsburg

Perfect prototype soldering with the eC-reflow equipment – a lively Eurocircuits workshop in Augsburg.

On 28 – 29 November 2012 Eurocircuits GmbH ran two one-day workshops in Augsburg, Germany. The topic was SMD assembly. A total of 36 people attended.

Our hosts were Claudia and Benedikt Sauter, the owners of embedded projects GmbH, a young company distributing third-party products from Atmel Arduino and Olimex as well as developing their own embedded measurement and control solutions. Their flagship product is the Gnublin Linux family of boards ( These allow engineers to develop their own embedded solutions.

Benedikt Sauer started the proceedings each day with a presentation of his company and its products.

welcome and introduction

Uwe Doerr then gave a short introduction to Eurocircuits GmbH, followed by an overview of the theoretical part of the workshop. He followed this with a presentation of the features and operating principles of Eurocircuits’ reflow soldering equipment, the eC-stencil-mate solder paste printer and the eC-reflow-mate reflow oven.

Uwe Dörr in action

Ben Verwaest, SMT specialist from Arcoss, Belgium, and Eurocircuits’ soldering technology partner, then explained the different processes and materials used for assembling PCB using surface-mount technology.

Theory session by Ben Verwaest

This completed the theoretical presentations and we moved onto the practical part of the day. The first step was to print solder paste onto demo PCBs using the eC-stencil-mate printer. Each step was explained in detail to show the participants how to achieve professional quality results.

Solder paste printing

 Next the components were placed and the boards reflow soldered in the eC-reflow-mate. A big screen was on hand so that the audience could see what Ben and Uwe were describing as they explained the critical features of each stage of the soldering process.

Hand soldering Reflow soldering

 Ben then moved on to demonstrate tricks and tips for hand soldering. The participants had been encouraged to bring their own problems and queries for this part of the day, so that they could work with Ben to find solutions..

Manual soldering techniques

Finally he showed how to solder a BGA. This was a live demonstration using a special BGA soldering station. Ben explained in detail the difficulties of soldering BGAs and what procedures to adopt how to overcome them.

Throughout the participants showed great interest in the topics presented. Their questions made each workshop a lively and successful event. Even between presentations, Benedikt, Uwe and Ben were kept busy answering yet more questions..

Time for a break