Mit gondolnak a Eurocircuits-vevői

Anglian Electronics
Norwich, UK.
20 Jul 2015
Anglian Electronics are specialists in the design and manufacture of embedded microcontroller-based products and contract electronic manufacturing from prototype design to complete product design and manufacture. Using eC-stencil-mate I have just populated a batch of boards in 2 hours that previously would have taken me all day.
Robin Barton
Lamp & Pencil Ltd
16 Jul 2015
Thank you for getting us set up, so far your service has been excellent. We started using your service via the PCB quoting tool in Eagle then via Farnell Element 14. We have previously used another supplier but you provide better value through tools and options than them. The naked-PCB option is excellent for Alpha prototypes. Our work is low volume (normally one off items) for the entertainment industry so further work is difficult to predict but we look forward to working with you again.
Visual Engineering Technologies Ltd.
Colchester, UK
14 Jul 2015
Visual Engineering are specialists in the design and manufacture of small and tightly integrated remote camera solutions for broadcast and professional security needs. Much of our work is customer-specific, so we need prototype and small batch PCBs fast. We could not be without the eC-reflow-mate. Once installed we could bring assembly in-house. eC-reflow-mate paid for itself within 2 months
Enrico Eberhard
Jaguar Landrover
02 Apr 2015
The PCB arrived today, well before the predicted date. The quality of the board is excellent and you've made the process very easy from your end. I am very satisfied with the service overall and will definitely use it again for any future projects. I also want to thank you personally for your time and help.
Doug Crockett
Xantix Systems Limited
02 Apr 2015
We received PCB's earlier this week and have no complaints about quality of manufacture or any other aspect of the service, given the quite aggressive pricing we will very likely use Eurocircuits again. We found you through a simple web trawl for PCB manufacturers, for our purposes the no-nonsense price on the page quick calculator is probably the best selling tool that you have as it saves us running around for quotes that may or may not appear.
Jonathan Milliamson
Pimoroni Ltd
02 Apr 2015
I noticed that an order I placed earlier this week shipped a lot quicker than usual (hurrah, this is great!). It looks like it's come straight from Hungary instead of going via Germany. Is this a new process for you? If so then brilliant - always keen to get faster turnaround but the old 2-3 day pricing just ramps up so fast I could never justify it. Still exceptionally happy with the service overall - Eurocircuits is by far the best prototyping service I've used (and worth the extra cost compared to other options I've tried).
Mark Stevenson
mk Steveo
02 Apr 2015
The clock arrived today, I have assembled it and it is sat working, waiting for me to decide where in the house to locate it. It is a wonderful clock and I hope you sell them in great numbers. If you are able to pass on my appreciation to the designer, please do so.
Jason Farrall
Idea Pool
02 Apr 2015
Just wanted to leave some feedback for you guys somewhere that it counts.. Brilliant service, fast turn around and a keen price. Boards were fantastic, lovely quality and soldered up a dream no pad or track lifting. I was about to go elsewhere when I started looking, simply because of being unfamiliar with Gerber files (which I now love and can see why you prefer them) I was at the time just being lazy and looking for an easy option one button solution which probably would of ended up with bizzare track sizes or drill holes.. Have to say it was you're welcome phone call that sold it to me and inspired me to put in the extra effort to learn about Gerber.. Thanks again and hopefully have some further projects coming soon..
Chris Rhodes
University of York
02 Apr 2015
EC-reflow oven review. The Eurocircuits reflow oven makes a solid impression with respect to it’s construction. Equipped with some demo boards I made some tests to find a working temperature profile for the materials that I plan to use. I took a look into the specifications of the soldering paste and compared these with the default temperature profiles of the oven. With that I made test runs with the profiles that seemed to be most promising. The oven is able to accurately follow the temperature profiles and every few seconds a new target temperature is set and the infrared elements are activated accordingly. :The fast response of the oven was demonstrated by successfully reflow soldering a photomultiplier SMT chip which had a maximum reflow time of 10 seconds at 260 °C and exceeding this time would lead to rapid destruction of the device because of the relatively high rate of thermal expansion of the clear mould encapsulation. In summary the oven is ideal for reflow soldering of tempe.
David Hunter
02 Apr 2015
I am a member of a technical support team in a British University and we regularly use Eurocircuits as our printed circuit board manufacturer. Since we have our own PCB prototyping facilities we only use a commercial PCB fabricator when we require a professional finish, a complex multi-layer design or quantity. We find that Euocircuits Standard pool service provides everything that we require, easy to order, cost effective and prompt delivery. The cost-calculator, PCBVisualizer and PCBChecker tools are excellent and they have helped me on several occasions to identify unnecessary and costly design constraints, introduced by our PCB CAD software, which could then be dealt with and reduced before placing an order. We also have an eC-stencil-mate and use it regularly with eC-registration compatible paste stencils when we need to build a batch of SMT circuit boards. For small production quantities it is definitely worth a look. From my own experience Eurocircuits offer a good, friendly and helpful service and they always deliver on time to me here in York, UK.