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Mi foglal le jelenleg minket az Eurocircuits-nél, projektek amiken jelenleg dolgozunk, új ötletek, háttér információk és egy hely ahol ön bekapcsolódhat, elmondhatja véleményét és megoszthatja velünk mi a lényeges ön számára mint elektronikai fejlesztő.

We created a new PCB Calculator, the smartest tool we ever made.

There is more then just a new calculator page :

  • There are now 4 services, defined by their base materials. All (except PCB proto) combine both poolable and non-poolable options in a single menu with clear indications which is which.
  • Our Classification table has been updated to the new services and gives more freedom (space) for your design.
  • You can calculate your prices fully manually as before.  But you can also use PCB Visualizer/PCB Configurator to analyse your data and fill out automatically many of the process parameters needed for pricing.
  • Smart menus guide you to optimum manufacturability and best prices, with clear explanations on-screen.
  • Prices are presented with a matrix of alternative quantities and deliveries. You can use the standard matrix or add your own requirements.
  • Standard delivery times for orders over 50 dm² have been reduced.

Farewell to our calculate and order page that was used over 250.000 times to place an order, and welcome to the new Eurocircuits PCB Calculator, smarter, easier and faster then before

pcb configurator


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26 May 2012

PCB Visualizer gives you complete control over the critical transfer of data from designer to fabricator. You leave nothing to chance. A brief on-screen check gives you 100% confidence that the board we are going to make is the board that you want – confidence and peace of mind so that you can concentrate on the next design without worrying about the last one.

Customers from right across the electronics industry tell us that PCB Visualizer and PCB Checker are already powerful tools to verify PCB data before placing an order.  But there are always more features and more functionality they would like to make the software even more effective.   So we have a dedicated team of software and electronics engineers who are constantly improving the tools and adding valuable features.


To keep you up to date with all the new functionality in PCB Visualizer we have now created a dedicated project website which has all the latest information as well as hints and tips on how to get the best out of the software.

pcb visualizer website
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29 Nov 2012

Today we release an update for our PCB Visualizer and PCB Checker automatic analysis tools.

We have also doubled the processing capacity of our analysis software tool so that we can process more jobs in less time. Due to the rapid increase in the number of jobs we need to process in PCB Visualizer, the waiting times got too long to be comfortable.

From today you have the following added functions and features:

  • PCB Visualizer and PCB Checker are now available in English and in German
  • PCB Visualizer and PCB Checker can show the measured and the required values in both  metric (mm) and imperial (mil). All measurements are done in metric, and we show the imperial values for information only. Both settings are available behind the 'settings' icon in the top bar of PCB Visualizer ( see picture below)
language-measurement setting


  • We added a vertical and horizontal ruler to the detailed view window. When you zoom in and drag a part of the layout to one of these rulers, you can  measure distances and sizes.
measurement ruler


  • PCB Checker checks clearances, minimum track widths, and annular rings on outer and inner layers, as these are the most frequent data issues. Additional checks are now built in for drilled holes :
    • Smallest final hole size for the chosen service
    • Minimum hole to hole distance
    • Overlapping drill holes
    •  overlapping drill holes.
    • overlapping drill holes.jpg
      overlapping drill holes
    • Embedded drill holes ( drill hole completely inside another drill hole)
overlapping drill holes.jpg
embedded drill holes
overlapping drill holes.jpg
extra checks


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27 Nov 2012

pcb checker sample


The feedback we received on PCB Visualizer has been very encouraging. The tool is very much appreciated by engineers, and gives major advantages over conventional Gerber viewers.

For example, you can:

  • Load all the data in a single .zip file
  • Input native CadSoft EAGLE V6 .brd files as well as Gerber data
  • See your PCB “live” as it will be produced instead of just a schematic visualization

And PCB Visualizer will:

  • Automatically detect and register all layers.
  • Check that your files and your order match up
  • Compare the measured values for key production parameters with those of your chosen service.

We definitely made something better than a Gerber-viewer, but you want more... your feedback is clear enough:

  • "Really good application to see the board before ordering.--Marking the problem in the image should be a good option to find the problem.--Could be a stand-alone application to check design rules?"
  • "Very impressive-Would be great if it could show you any issues or an example even of the issue that is flagged (just spent half day try to find an IAR issue - my own fault I know but a clue....)-"
  • "Nice tool to view the downloaded PCB. Unfortunately the errors are not marked!"
  • "Is it possible to show the exact location of the drill error, annular ring exception, etc.??"
  • "Mark the errors; e.g. make a circle around annular rings that fail the minimum ;-)"
  • "It shows me there is a problem with the inner and outer annular ring, but does not pinpoint where the problems are.--It would help if the problem areas were highlighted."
  • "Please show the exact region where an error occurred."

This is why we created PCB Checker, a new module within PCB Visualizer that does exactly what you asked for. It pinpoints each DRC issue on your board layout, showing the value measured and the value required for each occurrence in an easy to understand and graphical way.

PCB Checker flow


If PCB Visualizer has found that there are errors, a single mouse-click opens PCB Checker. Select the category of error you want to check and PCB Checker highlights every case. If you want, step through them, one by one, worst case first. Change your CAD data or choose another Eurocircuits service. Click the Modify icon next to the PCB Visualizer column, make your changes and your order is under way immediately. Of course, our engineers would have found the errors and reported back to you, but you could have lost a day or two – and won’t want to be distracted from your next project.

Every day our customers are using PCB Visualizer to get their prototype and small batch PCBs faster. Try it out yourself with your next order.

We developed PCB Checker to improve PCB Visualizer as you requested, but this is not the end of the story. Keep sending us feedback and we will keep developing.

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31 Oct 2012

Eurocircuits launched PCB Visualizer beginning of July. This first release gave you the opportunity to view the data you uploaded into your shopping basket and check that it conformed to the board you wanted to order.

User reactions so far show that this functionality is highly appreciated.

We have received a lot of useful feedback and this has enabled us to make continuous improvements in PCB Vizualiser's performance.

Today we take PCB Visualizer one step further.

Up till now the functions have included:

  1. A graphic presentations of the CAD data loaded with your order (extended Gerber or CadSoft Eagle V6)
  2. A comparison of PCB Visualizer's analysis of your data with the order values you entered on the Calculate and order page and the specifications or your chosen pooling service.
  3. A galvanic plating simulation on the data you submit

All this information is based on the CAD data you sent, and is gathered through an automatic analysis tool.

These results are still available as “Pre-check data”.

What new functions have we added today?

When you place your order, the data goes to our front-end engineering department. Here it is evaluated by front-end engineers using powerful Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAM) systems. You can find more information on what we do in our blogs about  Single image preparation here.

At the end of this process, we now send the “Production data” back to PCB Visualizer.

PCB-Visualizer-Production data-Top


This means that you can now access two sets of data in PCB Visualizer.

  1. Pre-check data : showing the CAD design the way it was interpreted by the automatic PCB Visualizer analysis tool.
  2. Production data : showing the CAD design  prepared for production by our front-end engineers.

The Production data show you the printed circuit board as you will receive it. Differences between the two versions can be for instance:

  • Pre-check data shows a single circuit, but if you ordered a panel the Production data shows the panel as it will be delivered
  • Pre-check data shows the legend as you sent it, but the Production data shows a clipped legend (to avoid printing legend ink on the pads).
  • Pre-check data does not incluce slots and cut-out, but the Production data does.

Extra layers are created during the data preparation process. These layers are also available now in the Production data.

    • Top and/or bottom solderpaste for SMD boards
    • Drillmap with mechanical info ( dimensions) as well as drill counts ( plated and non-plated)
    • Rout layer showing routed outlines as well as slots. 
top solderpaste Drill map Contour routing


The top left part of the interface (Board explorer) shows clearly which version of the data is shown. You can readily switch between them.

Why is there a difference?  The PCB Visualizer analysis tool performs a high-speed mechanical analysis of the Gerber and drill data, but it has no interpretive power.  For that we rely on our highly experienced CAM engineers.

PCB Visualizer Production data are available for all orders placed since September 17, and can be accessed in Running orders as well as in Order history through your account.

Please keep sending your feedback so that we can improve the functionality of PCB Visualizer the way you want it.

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17 Sep 2012

U kan nog tot donderdagmiddag, 30-08-2012, voor de PCB Visualizer van Eurocircuits stemmen!

Tijdens de week van 25-28 september is het weer zo ver en kan u ons vinden op HET Instrument 2012, in Amsterdam, Hal 1 stand B031.

Deze beurseditie hebben we besloten mee te dingen naar de nominatie: "Noviteit 2012 van de branche Industriële Electronica (IE)". Hiervoor hebben we onze nieuwste ontwikkeling "PCB Visualizer" als noviteit ingediend.

Waarom geloven wij dat PCB Visualizer een noviteit is?
PCB Visualizer, analyseert uw PCB data en vergelijkt deze met uw order data en toont uw print online op het scherm. De analyse gebeurt met dezelfde technische software en regels die wij intern gebruiken om uw print productieklaar te maken. Zo geeft de analyse, ook al loopt deze volledig automatisch, een realistisch beeld van mogelijke onduidelijkheden met uw order. Bovendien, en dat is wellicht meteen ook de grootste troef, gebeurt dit alles nog voor u de bestelling doorstuurt. U kan dus zelf, op voorhand, mogelijke anomaliën voorkomen. Bovendien staat PCB Visualizer in uw Eurocircuits klantaccount 24/24 en 7/7 ter beschikking zodat hij voor u werkt wanneer u dat wil. PCB Visualizer is een Eurocircuits software onwikkeling die technische CAM software en onze e-business software met elkaar integreert. Wil u meer weten over PCB Visualizer, lees dan onze BLOG over PCB Visualizer of ga direct naar de stempagina op de site van Het Instrument. Daar vindt u eveneens meer info en kan u direct uw stem uitbrengen. Stemmen kan tot donderdagnamiddag. Wij rekenen op u!

Zie de Eurocircuits PCB Visualizer in actie


Vergeet niet te registreren voor een gratis toegangsbewijs voor de beurs.

Dat kan u hier meteen doen. Op deze manier steunt u ons ook voor de ranking in de marketing cup! Dank bij voorbaat.

Gadget. Terwijl u registreert kan u zich eveneens aanmelden voor het Gadget 2012, de "compass clock". De compass clock,is ontworpen door YMIF engineering en de printen komen van Eurocircuits. Zeker doen!

Meer over hoe te registreren en over het aanmelden voor het gadget, vindt u in onze BLOG over HET Instrument 2012.

Verder willen wij u nog attent maken op het beursseminarie: "Design Automation & Embedded Systems" dat plaats vindt vrijdagochtend 28 september, zaal G104. Eurocircuits zal er een presentatie geven over "Eurocircuits goes visual" waar PCB Visualizer een wezenlijk deel van uitmaakt.

Wij kijken er naar uit u in Amsterdam te ontmoeten en hopen dat u voor ons STEMT en via ons REGISTREERT.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Eurocircuits NV

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27 Aug 2012